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Vera Rohm
ISBN13: 9781861892645
ISBN: 1861892640
List Price: $29.0
Publisher: Reaktion Books

Both a sculptor and a photographer, German born Vera R hm is best known for her unorthodox approach to visual art. Using a repertoire of only elementary geometrical shapes, R hm s incisions, mutilations, and cross sections of various materials evoke the very real challenges of restoration and reconstruction. Vera R hm is the first comprehensive collection of this contemporary artist s work to be presented to an English speaking public. It explores the changing shape of R hm s art in such installations as Integrations and Shadow Objects, as her photographs of the Jaipur Observatory, and works such as the cube series bearing the inscription Night is the Earth s Shadow, which form part of a significant corpus of work connected with language. Accompanied by essays from renowned poet and critic Eugen Gomringer and the art historian Stephen Bann, Vera R hm is lavishly illustrated with images from her exhibitions.