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Historical Atlas of Norfolk

ISBN13: 9781860773495
ISBN: 1860773494
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $60.0
Publisher: Phillimore & Co.
Published Date:
Edition 3
Pages: 224

Norfolk's topography is largely gentle and understated, but it is by no means as flat as is often claimed. Bounded on three sides by the sea and the Wash fenlands, its subtle diversity and beauty is matched by a fascinating human heritage. People can live almost anywhere in the county except on the marshlands and evidence illustrates that they have done so in times past. This atlas reveals distinctive prehistoric and Romano-British remains, and valuable evidence for Anglo-Saxon and Danish incursions, which show that the area has been continuously inhabited. From c. AD 1000 until 1600 Norfolk was the most densely populated English county, and Norwich became England's 'second city'. This third, re-illustrated, edition shows the maps reprodu ced to a superlative standard. The 93 map topics range from the earliest evidence for human occupation, which is over 450,000 years old, to the urban environment of Norfolk today. The editors have skilfully combined the results of historical research and archaeological excavation with fascinating new material, making this atlas a contemporary classic for all Norfolk, local and landscape historians.