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You and Your Mid-Adolescent (You and Your Child)

ISBN13: 9781855754515
ISBN: 1855754517
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $25.0
Publisher: Karnac Books
Published Date:
Pages: 86

It might be said that adolescence as a process occurs because of a conflict of expectation between developing individuals and the society in which they live. Its onset can be defined by arrival of puberty but its termination is much harder to objectively define. This is a book that seeks to help those going through the process of mid-adolescence either from the point of view of the adolescent or their families. It attends to the serious strains that may have to be borne if the picture portrayed is to have any realism. Examined are many of the issues that adolescents may face including: their emotional and intellectual development; variation in physiological development and what this can mean to them; the importance of the peer group; the emergence of disturbed mental behavior; the frequency of eating disorders; self-harming; and suicide.The You and Your Child Series is aimed especially at parents but this book will also appeal to adolescents and those working with this group.