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Biodiversity and Traditional Knowledge
ISBN13: 9781853836985
ISBN: 1853836982
List Price: $65.0
Publisher: Earthscan Publications Ltd.

This practical manual demonstrates how to arrive at equitable and successful arrangements over access to, and the commercial development of, genetic resources. Despite much discussion at the international policy level relating to the use of genetic resources and traditional knowledge, to date there has been no such guide on integrating concepts into practice. Many parties have stakes in the commercial use of biodiversity, from local communities and indigenous peoples to resource managers, NGOs, research institutes and universities, industry and national governments. This guide draws on experience from a range of countries around the world to show how the benefits from the commercial use of biodiversity can be maximized and shared equitably while also achieving local conservation and development objectives. It explains how groups can better design and control the terms of research and business partnerships, and also how to participate in drafting national laws and contributing to international policy debate. No single model fits all circumstances, and the manual is structured to enable readers to select and apply approaches most relevant to them. It includes extensive information on the codes, contracts, policies and other documents required, as well as extensive contact details. It will be an invaluable tool for all the stakeholders involved in benefit sharing research and commercial partnerships.Published in association with WWF International and UNESCO