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The Count of Monte Cristo

ISBN13: 9781853267338
ISBN: 1853267333
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $7.99
Publisher: Wordsworth Editions Ltd
Published Date:
Pages: 928
Average Goodreads rating: 4.25/5 (1072 ratings)

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The Count of Monte Cristo is one of the great thrillers of all time. In 1853 William Thackeray wrote to a friend: 'began to read Monte Cristo at six one morning and never stopped till eleven at night.'. Falsely accused of treason, the young sailor Edmund Dantes is arrested on his wedding day and imprisoned in the island fortress of the Chateau d'If. After staging a dramatic escape, he sets out to discover the fabulous treasure of Monte Cristo and catch up with his enemies. A novel of enormous tension and excitement, Monte Cristo is also a tale of obsession and revenge. Believing himself to be an 'Angel of Providence', Dantes pursues his vengeance to the bitter end, only then realizing that he himself is a victim of fate.