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QFinance: The Ultimate Resource

ISBN13: 9781849300001
ISBN: 1849300003
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $250.0
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
Published Date:
Pages: 2200
Average Goodreads rating: 5.00/5

Compiled by more than 300 of the world's leading professionals, visionaries, writers and educators, this is THE first-stop reference resource and knowledge base for finance. QFINANCE covers an extensive range of finance topics with unique insight, authoritative information, practical guidance and thought-provoking widsom. Unmatched for in-depth content, QFINANCE contains more than 2 million words of text, data analysis, critical summaries and bonus online content.


Created by Bloomsbury Publishing in association with the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) Authority, QFINANCE is the expert reference resource for finance professionals, academics, students, journalists and writers.


QFINANCE: The Ultimate Resource


Special Features:


Best Practice and Viewpoint Essays – Finance leaders, experts and educators address  how to resolve  the most crucial issues and challenges facing business today.


Finance Checklists – Step-by-step guides offer problem-solving solutions including hedging interest-rate risk, governance practices, project appraisal, estimating enterprise value and managing credit ratings.


Calculations and Ratios – Essential mathematical tools include how to calculate return on investment, return on shareholders’ equity, working capital productivity, EVA, risk-adjusted rate of return, CAPM, etc.


Finance Thinkers and Leaders – Illuminating biographies of 50 of the leading figures in modern finance including Joseph De La Vega, Louis Bachelier, Franco Modigliani, Paul Samuelson, and Myron Scholes


Finance Library digests –Summaries of more than 130 key works ranging from “Against the Gods” to “Portfolio Theory & Capital Markets” and “The Great Crash”.

Country and Sector Profiles – In-depth analysis of 102 countries and 26 sectors providing essential primary research resource for direct or indirect investment.

Finance Information Sources – A select list of the best resources for further information on finance and accounting worldwide, both in print and online, including books, journal articles, magazines, internet, and organizations

Finance Dictionary – A comprehensive jargon-free, easy-to-use dictionary of more than 9,000 finance and banking terms used globally.


Quotations –  More than 2,000 business relevant quotations.


Free access to QFinance Online Resources (www.qfinance.com):  Get daily content updates, podcasts, online events and use our fully searchable database.