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Fighting Dogs - The American Pit Bull Terrier - An Anthology

ISBN13: 9781846642579
ISBN: 1846642574
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $29.99
Publisher: Read Country Book
Published Date:
Pages: 120

A detailed collection of American Pit Bull Terrier articles dealing with all aspects of Game Dogs and the banned 'sport' of Dog fighting. Contents include: The Game Test - Game Testing a Dog Before the Pit - Ken Allen's Keep - Finkle Winkle's Keep - Barney Fife's Keep - Millmaker's Maximum Stress Keep - Don Mayfield's Keep - PowerHouse Roadwork Keep - Breakingstick / Partingstick - The Weigh-In - The rules for the Pit Contest - Scratch After the Match - Saving a Dog After the Fight - Treating Wounds Antibiotics