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The Wanderings of Odysseus: The Story of The Odyssey

ISBN13: 9781845073602
ISBN: 1845073606
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $19.95
Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children's Books
Published Date:
Pages: 120
Average Goodreads rating: 3.91/5 (56 ratings)

A master storyteller and an award-winning illustrator evoke the golden age of mythical Greece in this spirited retelling of "The Odyssey."

The long siege is ended. Troy lies in ashes. The black ships of the Greek war-host set sail for home but for King Odysseus of Ithaca, the return voyage holds hazards far greater than any he faced in the TrojanWar.

For this dramatic sequel to Black Ships Before Troy, Rosemary Sutcliff has transformed Homer’s magnificent but complex epic poem The Odyssey into an enthralling traveler's tale, with a spectacular cast of men, magicians and monsters. Alan Lee evokes a golden age of mythical Greece in his portrayal of the greatest voyage of all time.