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Lobsters in Love: A Whirlpool Romance

ISBN13: 9781845071547
ISBN: 1845071549
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $7.95
Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children's Books
Published Date:
Pages: 32
Average Goodreads rating: 4.17/5 (5 ratings)

In this delightfully fishy tale, the famous restaurateur lobster, Monsieur Thermidor, reads his birthday horoscope in Salome Starfish's column. Her murky predictions of mysterious events with a surprise ending make him wonder what lies ahead. While collecting seaweed to make his famous seaweed soup, he careens into a series of troublesome events that test his courage. Keeping a cool head and masterful manner, he escapes from a fisherman's boat, wins the love of a beautiful lady lobster, and fulfills Salome Starfish's prediction! Kids will be fascinated with the colorful play-dough creatures that were sculpted by Lindsey Kidd. Her recipe for play-dough is included.