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Diana: The Intimate Portrait
ISBN13: 9781844546077
ISBN: 1844546071
List Price: $15.95
Publisher: John Blake

When Princess Diana died in August 1997, the world mourned for a woman they felt they had come to know intimately; having witnessed the quiet, blushing Lady Diana Spencer transform into an elegant, stylish ambassador who tirelessly campaigned for the causes in which she believed. With the announcement of her untimely death came an unprecedented wave of collective grieving. In this revealing book, royal expert Judy Wade uncovers the woman behind the public's princess, speaking to some of Diana's closest friends and confidantes to reveal the truth about her. They journey inside her Kensington Palace apartment and describe how she cleaned her own bath and nagged her sons to improve their manners, just like any other mom. They reveal her secret plan to marry a man who shared her desire to help the sick and suffering, her violent row with Dodi Fayed just before they died, and the real reason she went on a last mission to Australia. Diana's manipulation of the media following her expulsion from the royal family is also examined, as well as the police investigation into her death, and the impact that her death had on the monarchy. This is a fascinating look at a woman who was many things to many different people.