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Travel Health — Planning Your Trip Worldwide
ISBN13: 9781843533245
ISBN: 1843533243
Publisher: Rough Guides

The Rough Guide to Travel health is the definitive health handbook wherever you are travelling. Now in its second edition, it is fully updated making it more indispensable than ever. The guide includes practical details on pre trip planning, with advice on immunizations, medical kits, air travel and tips for travellers with specific needs. The heart of the guide is an A Z of potential problems and treatments, including homeopathy, herbal medicine and other complementary therapies. Written in a down to earth style and avoiding medical jargon, the guide gives the complete lowdown on health risks and vaccinations worldwide, plus comprehensive listings of international travel resources, websites and clinics. As well as this wealth of general advice, there are safety tips for specific types of trips, such as active travel skiing, scuba diving, climbing together with a handy section on first aid. Sometime, somewhere, you ll need this book don t leave home without it.