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The Work of the Stamperia Valdonega: 1948-2008

ISBN13: 9781605830216
ISBN: 1605830216
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $35.0
Publisher: Grolier Club
Published Date:
Pages: 96

A 60th anniversary celebration of the renowned Stamperia Valdonega, founded in 1948 by Giovanni Mardersteig--one of the finest printers of this century--and ably maintained today by his son Martino Mardersteig. Curator Jerry Kelly has written that "The presswork, composition and design of this shop rose to the pinnacle of modern printing art, just as the work of Officina Bodoni [founded by Giovanni Mardersteig] set the standard for hand press printing." Designed and printed by Martino Mardersteig at the Stamperia Valdonega in an edition of 800 copies for the Grolier Club.