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How to Have a Great Wedding

ISBN13: 9781598585421
ISBN: 1598585428
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $16.95
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Published Date:
Pages: 224

How to Have a Great Wedding is a must-read for anyone who will ever plan a wedding or participate in one. It's encouraging, practical, philosophical, colorful, and LOL funny. Couples thinking of getting married will want to read and discuss How to Have a Great Wedding even before they announce their engagement. And the sooner before the wedding other participants read it, the better. Among other things, How to Have a Great Wedding touches on what most wedding books never address-the important connections between great weddings and great marriages. Besides helping the bride and groom gain the confidence and perspective they need to have a great wedding, the book offers insightful tips to parents and other participants to enhance the experience for the wedding couple and each other. Finally, How to Have a Great Wedding includes useful suggestions on style to add elegance without overdoing costs or risking pretentiousness. Born in Washington, DC, David J. McCarthy grew up in Indiana. His large extended family and wide circle of friends have enabled him to experience countless weddings ranging from great, to forgettable, to regrettably unforgettable. A student of philosophy and theology in college, he has taught high school, practiced law, and held management and policy positions in the U.S. government and in corporate America. He and his wife, Jacinta Pierce McCarthy, have two daughters and two sons.