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Great Lives: Jesus: The Greatest Life of All (Great Lives Series)

ISBN13: 9781596446472
ISBN: 1596446471
List Price: $28.98
Publisher: christianaudio Seed
Published Date:
Average Goodreads rating: 4.43/5 (2 ratings)

Charles R. Swindoll dives into the life of the Savior, taking His truth claims at face value. Its theologically rich content and straightforward, honest, and chronological journey appeals to readers' hearts as well as their minds. Along the way, Dr. Swindoll's trademark warmth and insight offer up life application for the reader drawn straight from the words and works of Jesus. As Dr. Swindoll writes, "The power of his resurrection is a quiet, transforming force that results in the steady growth of hope and life within the believer." Encountering the great life of Jesus is all a believer needs to truly experience that power.