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The Reformation for Armchair Theologians

ISBN13: 9781596442047
ISBN: 1596442042
List Price: $23.98
Publisher: Hovel Audio
Published Date:
Average Goodreads rating: 3.91/5 (24 ratings)

Written by experts but designed for the nonexpert, the Armchair series provides accurate, concise, and witty overviews of some of the most profound moments and theologians in Christian history. An essential supplement for first-time encounters with primary texts, a lucid refresher for scholars and clergy, and an enjoyable read for the theologically curious. This readable, accessible narrative of the Protestant Reformation includes questions for discussion and suggestions for further reading, making this an ideal book for adult group study. Glenn S. Sunshine is Associate Professor of History at Central Connecticut University in New Britain, Connecticut. He received his PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Renaissance and Reformation History.