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Polar Regions (Qeb Planet Earth)

ISBN13: 9781595665720
ISBN: 1595665722
List Price: $28.5
Publisher: QEB Publishing
Published Date:
Pages: 32
Average Goodreads rating: 4.50/5 (1 ratings)

On earth, the furthest points north and south are the poles, but how much do you really know about them?

Explore one of the most fascinating habitats on Earth!

From penguins and their young to hares that change the color of their coat, the polar regions are home to many fascinating creatures. Meet ferocious polar bears and marvel at natural phenomena, such as the Northern Lights glistening across the sky.

Series Description

Discover the most unique habitats in the world with this guides to our planet. Packed with fascinating facts about everything from Emperor penguins to cacti and camels, this series is a must for every young explorer.

From deserts and polar lands to rainforests and oceans, this fabulous book takes an in-depth look at different ecosystems around the world. Learn how each ecosystem is formed, the wildlife that lives there and how climate change and human interaction are affecting the planet.

The Planet Earth Series includes:
Deserts: 978-1-59566-570-6
Oceans: 978-1-59566-573-7
Polar Regions: 978-1-59566-572-0
Rainforests: 978-1-59566-571-3