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The Heritage Of The Desert

ISBN13: 9781595405371
ISBN: 1595405372
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $14.95
Publisher: 1st World Library - Literary Society
Published Date:
Pages: 328
Average Goodreads rating: 3.89/5

Purchase one of 1st World Library's Classic Books and help support our free internet library of downloadable eBooks. Visit us online at www.1stWorldLibrary.ORG - - BUT the man's almost dead. The words stung John Hare's fainting spirit into life. He opened his eyes. The desert still stretched before him, the appalling thing that had overpowered him with its deceiving purple distance. Near by stood a sombre group of men. Leave him here, said one, addressing a gray-bearded giant. "He's the fellow sent into southern Utah to spy out the cattle thieves. He's all but dead. Dene's out-laws are after him. Don't cross Dene." The stately answer might have come from a Scottish Covenanter or a follower of Cromwell. Martin Cole, I will not go a hair's-breadth out of my way for Dene or any other man. You forget your religion. I see my duty to God.