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ISBN13: 9781590580639
ISBN: 159058063X
List Price: $24.95
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press

Even the cozy New England town of Newbury, onnecticut, is not immune to the relentless spread of McMansions carpeting the countryside. Ben Abbott, realtor and private detective, is so incensed that he refuses to sell them. That Ben is not the only citizen of Newbury who is provoked by over sized, ugly, wasteful houses becomes apparent when the corpse of Billy Tiller, Newbury's greediest developer, is discovered underneath his bulldozer.brbrbrbrThe young and troubled eco activist Jeff Kimball, who is arrested while sitting at the controls of the bulldozer, protests his innocence. Connecticut's state's attorney sees the opportunity to prosecute an open and shut TV murder trial that will vault him into the U.S. Senate. While Ira Levy, the small town criminal defense lawyer hired by Jeff's hip hop mogul father, longs to impress movers and shakers in New York City.brbrbrbrBen Abbott, deep in debt to Attorney Levy for an expensive horse he gave to 12 year old Alison, is forced to pay off the debt by trying to prove Jeff Kimball innocent of a crime that State Police Major Crime Squad Lieutenant Marian Boyce styles 'perpetrator on bulldozer on victim.'brbrbrbrIt looks that way, says Ben Abbott. But in what order did they really stack up?