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Great Lives from History: The 17th Century, 1601 - 1700: Louis Xiii-francisco De Zurbaran Indexes

ISBN13: 9781587652240
ISBN: 1587652242
List Price: $87.5
Publisher: Salem Pr
Published Date:
Pages: 518

Major World Leaders appear here - emperors, conquerours, kings, and queens-as do giants of religious faith who were central to the century, such as popes and theologians who left their imprint on the political as well as spiritual institutions. The set also includes figures who have received little or no attention in the past - from Queen Njinga of Angola to the Ottoman scholar Katib Celebi. By category, the contents include figures who contributed to one or more of the following areas: architecture, art, business and economics, diplomacy, education, exploration, government and politics, law, literature, medicine, military and war, music, philosophy, religion, science, medicine, mathematics, society, and theater. Among these architects of civilization are 58 women, including writers, artists, scholars, scientists, and national leaders.