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Clean Your Clothes with Cheez Whiz: And Hundreds of Offbeat Uses for Dozens More Brand-Name Products

ISBN13: 9781580630993
ISBN: 1580630995
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $12.99
Publisher: Renaissance Books
Published Date:
Edition 1St Edition
Pages: 192
Average Goodreads rating: 3.75/5 (12 ratings)

Did you know that Baby Magic Baby Powder repels ants and Campbell's Tomato Soup prevents blond hair from turning green in a chlorinated swimming pool? Many of the foods and household items on the shelves of your kitchen and bathroom cabinets have properties and near-magical powers never indicated by what's printed on their labels. In Clean Your Clothes with Cheez Whiz, bestselling author Joey Green reveals hundreds of quirky uses for brand-name products. With dozens of items to choose from, you'll discover how to:

-Clean a toilet bowl with Country Time Lemonade
-Relieve morning sickness with Gatorade
-Remove scruff marks from patent-leather shoes with Noxema
-Give yourself a facial with Cheerios
-Soothe sunburn pain with Cool Whip
-Relieve insect-bite itching with A.1 Steak Sauce
-Clean your clothes with Cheez Whiz (It's great for removing grease!)

But it doesn't stop there. Clean Your Clothes with Cheez Whiz also presents short histories, strange facts, and other tidbits about your favorite products.