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Powerhouse Magazine #5: Busted

ISBN13: 9781576874967
ISBN: 1576874966
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $10.0
Publisher: powerHouse Books
Published Date:
Pages: 120

Remember when you got grounded in 10th grade for coming home drunk and vomiting on the dog? Or the time you got caught selling fake ecstasy and were escorted out of that after-hours dive? Or how about the time your girlfriend got your password and broke into your Gmail account, only to discover you had an online honey? Man, if you had a dollar for every time you got busted, you’d be able to post bail right about now.

To celebrate all that goes wrong when you’re up to no good, powerHouse Magazine introduces Issue 5: Busted , a sometimes serious, often hilarious look at failure and fiasco from around the globe. From manhunts to masturbation, friendly fire to robbing the mafia, trespassing to parking-lot madness, Busted promises the most eclectic mix of nogoodniks, anarchists, and frisky kids ever caught between two covers.

Featuring the work of Keiji Ando, Patti Astor, Basty, Orkan Benli, Nora Bibel, Boogie, Nathan Brown, Negri Cabrini, Nicola Cairns, COPE2, Matthew Charles Crabe, Raphael Dellaporta, DJ Disco Wiz, Deborah Dragon, Meiko Elias, Michael Ellsberg, Ron English, Derek Erdman, Larry Fink, Yoav Galai, Jesse Gammage, Samantha Gainsborough, Michael Gonzales, Griddy Grimes, Roc Herms Pont, Steven Hirsch, Pinch Hudson, James Hughes, Idris Intifada, JR, Musa Kart, John Lurie, Narayan Mahon, Brantly Martin, Craig Mathis, Sarah McNeill, MISTA KGKASS, Caleb Neelon, New York Daily News, NOV as Loucious Broadway, ONE 9, Mark Peterson, Mia Petzall, Joseph Rivera, Joseph Rodriguez, Christophe Salet, Ivan Sanchez, Colin Simmons, Todd Solomon, Lila Szasz, Hank Willis Thomas, Maureen Valdes, Nathaniel Welch, Geordie Wood, Wooz, Meiko Xavier, and Joy Yoon.