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The U.P. Trail (Sagebrush Large Print Western Series)

ISBN13: 9781574904437
ISBN: 1574904434
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $27.95
Publisher: Thomas T Beeler
Published Date:
Pages: 440
Average Goodreads rating: 3.78/5

The U.P. Trail is one of Zane Grey's most detailed and panoramic Western novels and in addition to being first rate historical fiction it is a gripping story of romance and adventure. The trail in this instance is the quest to build the Union Pacific Railroad in the 1860s across remote and rugged stretches of the West. It is a portrait of the incredibly brave, tough Irish laborers whose hands laid the ties and drove the spikes; of the defiant Sioux, doomed to be driven back by the infernal iron horse of the white man; of the free-spirited trappers who also dreaded the coming of the rails into their virgin wilderness and of the violent, hellish camp-towns that sprang up and vanished again and again along the route of the advancing railroad. But above all, it is the story of the romance between little Allie, who survives the hideous massacre of her wagon train, and young Neale, the gifted engineer whose daring genious allows the railway to span impossible gorges and climb dizzying heights.