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Jesus After 2000 Years: What He Really Said and Did
ISBN13: 9781573928908
ISBN: 1573928909
List Price: $41.98
Publisher: Prometheus Books

What did Jesus really say? Between us and the New Testament lie twenty centuries in which people have understood Jesus in quite different ways. The historical critical research into Jesus...may have become the standard for scholars, but it has hardly been able to command a general consensus. Moreover, the last decade...has experienced a flood of scholarly and popular literature about Jesus. Its source seems to be inexhaustible and it flows in the most varied directions. Consequently, uninitiated readers get the impression that research is unplanned, full of contradictions, and is going nowhere. This leads them either to sink into resignation or to hold even more firmly to a faith which is above historical questions. Yet neither resignation nor uninformed faith make sense certainly not in an age which has encouraged an unimagined wealth of knowledge and which at the same time almost daily reminds us of the more modest position of human beings in the cosmos. So it seems...that a historical stocktaking of critical concern with the central person of Christianity, Jesus of Nazareth...is long overdue. from the preface