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The Road to Ruin (Dortmunder Novels)

ISBN13: 9781572704022
ISBN: 1572704020
List Price: $29.95
Publisher: Audiogo
Published Date:
Average Goodreads rating: 3.80/5 (2 ratings)

Dortmunder fans can rejoice! Readers' favorite seasoned - and often hapless - crook is back in this latest caper from one of America's most popular mystery authors. This time John Dortmunder and his merry band of crooks return to the scene of the crime world in an attempt to steal a fleet of automobiles that would leave the Sultan of Brunei blushing. The mark is Monroe Hall; corrupt CEO of a now defunct conglomerate who spent more of his company's money on himself than the boys at Enron and WorldCom combined. Having escaped prosecution, Hall is holed up on his massive Pennsylvania farm, and Dortmunder, as usual, has his eyes on the big prize: Hall's vintage wheels.