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Light of Day

ISBN13: 9781565117679
ISBN: 1565117670
List Price: $34.95
Publisher: Highbridge Audio
Published Date:
Average Goodreads rating: 3.37/5 (5 ratings)

Former London police detective George Webb, "booted off the force" for trying in all the wrong ways to put away the right man, is now a private investigator specializing in matrimonial cases. He has crossed a line with a client, wholly upending his own life. By the close of this remarkable novel, which unfolds over the course of one day in George's life and mind, we will know him intimately from his childhood secrets to his fall from grace as a cop. In its slow and revelatory accumulation of physical and emotional detail, THE LIGHT OF DAY illumines the ambiguities at the heart of the most profound and inexplicable human emotions: fear and hate, love and desire.