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Amor y Cohetes: A Love & Rockets Book

ISBN13: 9781560979265
ISBN: 1560979267
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $16.99
Publisher: Fantagraphics
Published Date:
Pages: 280
Average Goodreads rating: 3.92/5 (222 ratings)

To a very great extent, Love Rockets is synonymous with Hoppers' Maggie Hopey and Palomar's Luba Carmen Heraclio Tonantzin... but there was always more to L than that. Amor y Cohetes finally collects together in one convenient package all the non-Maggie and non-Palomar stories by all three Hernandez Brothers from that classic first, 50-issue Love Rockets series—a dizzying array of styles and approaches that re-confirms these groundbreaking cartoonists' place in the history of comics.

The book leads off with Gilbert's original 40-page sci-fi epic "BEM" from 1981's very first issue of Love Rockets, featuring a very different Luba and a much looser, Heavy Metal and Marvel Comics-inspired way of storytelling.

Other stories include Jaime's charming "Rocky and Fumble" series starring a planet-hopping girl and her robot; stunning one-shots such as Gilbert's Frida Kahlo biography and his shocking autobiographical fantasia "My Love Book"; Mario's genre thrillers which take place "Somewhere in California"; Gilbert's brutally dystopian "Errata Stigmata"; the playful "Hernandez Satyricon," with Gilbert drawing Jaime's characters, and "War Paint," with Jaime trying out Palomar; Gilbert's light-hearted "Music for Monsters" starring Bang and Inez; and even a fantastical "non-continuity" Maggie and Hopey story "Easter Hunt" by Jaime that didn't fit into the other books.

Amor y Cohetes, the seventh volume in the new "Complete Love Rockets" series of compact, affordable paperbacks.