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Bosnian Chronicle: A Novel

ISBN13: 9781559702362
ISBN: 1559702362
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $22.99
Publisher: Arcade Publishing
Published Date:
Edition 1st Arcade paperback
Pages: 432
Average Goodreads rating: 4.26/5 (804 ratings)

Set in the town of Travnik, Bosnian Chronicle presents the struggle for supremacy in a region that stubbornly refuses to submit to any outsider. The era is Napoleanic and the novel, both in its historical scope and psychological subtley, Tolstoyan. In its portray of conflict and fierce ethnic loyalties, the story is also eerily relevant. Ottoman viziers, French consuls, and Austrian plenipotentiaries are consumed by an endless game of diplomacy and double-dealing: expansive and courtly face-to-face, brooding and scheming behind closed doors. As they have for centuries, the Bosnians themselves observe and endure the machinations of greater powers that vie, futilely, to absorb them. Ivo Andric's masterwork is imbued with the richness and complexity of a region that has brought so much tragedy to our century and known so little peace.