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Goddess of the Ice Realm

ISBN13: 9781559279505
ISBN: 1559279508
List Price: $29.95
Publisher: Macmillan Audio
Published Date:
Average Goodreads rating: 3.68/5

The fifth and best novel yet in David Drake’s acclaimed epic fantasy series, Lord of the Isles

In the Lord of the Isles series, David Drake has told the continuing, interlocking story of Garric and Sharina, Cashel and Ilna, young brother and sister pairs who journey together from a small town to the capital. Their destiny is to reunite the island kingdoms of the Isles into one empire for the first time in a millennium. They seek to do this at a moment in history when the cosmic forces upon which the magicians draw are at a thousand year peak. Wizards of even small learning are immensely powerful. Human greed and evil are reinforced by supernatural energies.

In Goddess of the Ice Realm, as Garric and his retinue reach the island city of Carcosa, his benign wizard Tenoctris perceives a powerful supernatural assault directed against them. Ilna and her beloved, Chalcus, are sent to investigate a magical threat to shipping in the north. Cashel is transported into another world by evil magic, and Sharina to yet another. All of them face and overcome deadly dangers before they are again united during the terrifying and dramatic climax. Filled with startling revelations, action, romance and sorcery, Goddess of the Ice Realm is epic fantasy at its exciting best.