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ISBN13: 9781559212915
ISBN: 1559212918
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Moyer Bell
Published Date:
Pages: 194
Average Goodreads rating: 4.62/5

This is a collection of transformation poems. They map the poet's turning toward a healing from grief and brokenness. They explore the rich textures of friendship and render, with clarity and delicacy, both outer and inner landscapes. Morley's poetry has a deep affinity with painting--particularity Klee and Picasso. In the poet's words: "From the Abstract Expressionists I discovered a way of seeing the modern world in its totality, finding meaning in what was defaced, injured, dishevelled, torn, eroded and disfigured, without rejection. To transform or transmute these elements but still to embody them was my task as poet." This poetry is primarily for an adult, feminist reader. Ms. Morley is very accessible and this collection will appeal to men as well as women.