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Political Islam: Revolution, Radicalism, or Reform
ISBN13: 9781555871680
ISBN: 1555871682
List Price: $25.0
Publisher: Lynne Rienner Pub

For more than a decade, policymakers and observers in the Muslim world and the West have struggled with the spectre of political Islam or 'Islamic fundamentalism' often confounded by myriad and contradictory images. This book offers an examination of the impact of political Islam on domestic and international politics in countries ranging from North Africa to South Asia. Covering both governments and Islamic movements and organizations, the authors analyze the multifaceted nature and dynamics of contemporary Islamic politics in the context of three perspectives: the struggle between governments and illegal opposition; Islam within the political process; and the international relations of political Islam. They make a contribution to the understanding of a phenomenon that incorporates extremists as well as moderates, and demagogues as well as representative populist movements.