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Teaching the Introductory Course in Religious Studies: A Sourcebook (Scholar's Press Studies in the Humanities Series)
ISBN13: 9781555405991
ISBN: 1555405991
List Price: $34.95
Publisher: Duke University Press Books

Originally Published by Scholars PressNow Available from Duke University PressTeaching the Introductory Course in Religious Studies is a comprehensive, hands on guide to creating a thoughtful and effective course in world religions and introduction to religion. It contains clear and succinct essays on the different ways the course can be conceived, practical hints for the classroom, sample syllabuses and bibliographies, and advice from experts in each of the world s religious traditions on what aspects of their tradition should be emphasized and what stereotypes should be avoided. It also contains essays on how I teach the introductory course by such leading figures in the field as Huston Smith, Robert Bellah, Jonathan Z. Smith, Ninian Smart, and Wilfred Cantwell Smith.