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A History Of The First Half Century Of The National Academy Of Sciences

ISBN13: 9781443760836
ISBN: 1443760838
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $14.45
Publisher: Sastri Press
Published Date:
Pages: 440

PREFACE ANY of the members of the National Academy of Sciences, especially those elected in recent years, have frequently expressed the wish to become acquainted with its early history, particularly that of the formative period of the organization, and.also with the work it has done in behalf of the Government. As the information on these subjects which can be gathered from the early publications of the Academy is neither in connected form nor very extensive, it was decided in 19c9 to have prepared far publication, in connection with the semi-centrnnial celebration of the Academy, a volume containing as completc an histolical sutllrlary as could bc brought togelhcr in lhe time available. A committee was appointed to take charge of the matter, and in the summer of rgro the services of Dr. Frederick W. True were secured as editor. Besides consulting the early records of the Academy, it was necessary to seek information from outside sources. The work of preparing this histary, which has been arduous, is highly appreciated by the members of the committee in charge, who have realized the varied and baffling nature of the undertaking and desire to express their approval of iu accomplishment. It is believed that rhe information assembled in this volume will afford a good insight into the nature of the activities of the Academy. The bibliographical references which it contains will enable thosewho desire more detailed knovledge to find it in the original documents...