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Party Games and Amusements for Young and Old

ISBN13: 9781443735827
ISBN: 1443735825
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $38.95
Publisher: Hesperides Press
Published Date:
Pages: 160

The worst that can happen at a party is for the hostess to be at a loss to know what to provide next, in the way of amusements, for her guests. Whether the visitors be old or young, she must see to it that they have a non-stop round of fun and enjoyment. All this, of course, is easier said than done, since tastes differ considerably, and what pleases one group of folk may fall flat with another. The hostess, therefore, and those helping her, must not tolerate a single dull moment. As soon as a game or diversion loses favour, another should be substituted, and unless the organizers are well versed in party matters their store of knowledge will be speedily exhausted. It is to save such situations as these that this book has been written. It contains between a hundred and fifty and two hundred suggestions for making a party bright and attractive. The items are selected for both adults and youngsters, and it may well be claimed that there are diversions to suit every taste. Contents Include: Games For the Young and Old Puzzles and Tricks Worth Trying Card Games For Stakes Paper and Pencil Games Charades Worth Acting Tableaux Vivants Thought-Reading and Second-Sight Conundrums Worth Asking A Part Side-Show Auld Lang Syne