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The Voice from the Edge: Pretty Maggie Moneyeyes (Library Edition)

ISBN13: 9781441700698
ISBN: 1441700692
List Price: $44.95
Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
Published Date:
Average Goodreads rating: 3.98/5 (82 ratings)

For the third time, down that multicolored rabbit hole to the unpredictable, singular, frequently disturbing Ellison Wonderland of the writer the New York Times summed up thus: "Harlan Ellison has the spellbinding quality of a great nonstop talker with a cultural warehouse for a mind." And this third expedition arrived not a moment too soon--at exactly the moment a brilliant film documentary, Dreams with Sharp Teeth, a film of the life and work of Harlan Ellison, premiered across America. Here, in eleven stories, a true memoir, five brand-new commentaries, and a linked horror story of Jack the Ripper by Ellison's great friend, the late Robert Bloch, this mesmerizing audio performance by the Author provides the full measure of reason why Ellison has won Listen Up, Audio, and a shelf full of other awards, including investiture as one of the few Grand Masters of the literature of the fantastic. This one is the best yet.

Performed, with new commentaries, by the author.

Between heaven and hell --
Pretty Maggie Moneyeyes --
Twilight in the cupboard --
Kiss of fire --
Fever --
The discarded --
Darkness falls on the river --
Status quo at Troyden's --
Tired old man --
The silence --
Valerie : a true memoir --
Base --
A toy for Juliette / by Robert Block --
The prowler in the city at the edge of the world.