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Memoirs of a World Traveler: Journeys of a Lifetime

ISBN13: 9781434317193
ISBN: 1434317196
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $29.95
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Published Date:
Pages: 700

The (661+ page) book "Memoirs of a World Traveler" celebrates the romance of self-discovery through 'World Travel' and the fascination of distant places, particularly the sun-drenched regions of Africa, India, Europe, South America, and China. My book addresses matters of destiny and the healing powers of 'Long-Term' World Travel and the power of friendship and the resilience of the heart. It celebrates the beauty of life; beautiful things in a beautiful world. It is the story of 20-years, traveling 'Full-Circle' around the globe from exotic cities to the most remote and distant corners of the earth; 78- countries on 6-continents.

My travel memoirs are sentimental recollections of days, months, and years wandering about this wonderful world of ours. I had great aspirations for history, art, symbolism, and a spiritual life.

Shortly after my early days living on the West Coast I took off for Paris where I studied Art History and Literature for a year. The experience fueled my lifetime affection for traveling. After touring Europe for the summer I traveled 'Full-Circle' around-the-globe to exciting destinations.

I lived for extended periods of time in brilliant places such as India, Morocco, East Africa, Moscow, Rome, Paris, and Seychelles. My journals, particularly and accumulation of writings from China, South America, Africa, and the Mediterranean reflect my travels.

In my travels there was a definite purpose to celebrate. And while traveling the world, love found me, unexpectedly. I wrote this book to encourage others to join the ranks of 'World Travelers.' My hope is that the people and the stories of my book will lift spirits, touch hearts, and demonstrate that world travel and goodwill can be a powerful cause of change in the world.

The objective is to enhance an authentic sense of place that will benefit both my fellow travelers and the locations in which they visit. ""To be tired of world travel is to be tired of life; - for world travel holds everything life has to offer!"" -Andrew Young