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ISBN13: 9781425123611
ISBN: 1425123619
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $30.6
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Published Date:
Pages: 304

Peter Laing was a soldier in the first Gulf War. In his own words, he was so far from the front line that he had to send his laundry forward. He never saw any action. When his son joins the army he is sent to Iraq. He is promptly kidnapped in an ambush that has already cost the lives of several soliders. The army are unable to help, and the political machine is plaing the incident for votes. Out of sheer desperation and with nowhere else to turn, Pete enrols the help of his loud and bumbling friend, and together they embark on a rescue mission that will test both men more than they could ever imagine. Can two untrained men walk through the gates of hell, against all the odds?