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Margaret Truman CD Collection 1: Murder in Foggy Bottom, Murder at Ford's Theatre, Murder at Union Station (Capital Crimes Series)

ISBN13: 9781423377375
ISBN: 1423377370
List Price: $29.99
Publisher: Brilliance Audio on CD
Published Date:
Average Goodreads rating: 3.82/5 (22 ratings)

Murder in Foggy Bottom: When a man is found stabbed to death in the trendy D.C. Foggy Bottom neighborhood, it is major news. But within forty-eight hours the nation is gripped by a fear that leaves this comparatively small crime in the dark. Three passenger planes are shot out of the sky. No one can guess the truth: that the epicenter of the terrorist outbreak is Washington D.C.... and a dead man behind a park bench in a place called Foggy Bottom. Murder at Ford's Theatre: The body of Nadia Zarinski, an attractive young woman who worked for Senator Bruce Lerner - and who volunteered at Ford's - is discovered in the alley behind the theatre. Soon a pair of mismatched cops - young, studious Rick Klayman and gregarious veteran Moses "Mo" Johnson - start digging into the victim's life, and find themselves confronting an increasing cast of suspects. Murder at the Union Station: Historic Union Station means nothing to the elderly man speeding south on the last lap of what will turn out to be a one-way journey from Tel Aviv to D.C. ? on a train that will soon land him at Gate A-8 and, moments later, at St. Peter's Gate. This weary traveler is Louis Russo, former mob hit man and government informer. Two men are at the station to meet him. One is Richard Marienthal, whose forthcoming book is based on Russo's life. The other is the man who?ll kill him.