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All Good Things Take Time;: Bad Things Come Rushing at You Before You Have a Chance to Duck

ISBN13: 9781419632631
ISBN: 1419632639
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $15.99
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing
Published Date:
Pages: 158

In this uplifting book, Amy presents a series of short documents containing words of wisdom and of experience both sad and humorous. This book is useful people who are going through any life change, including young adults, as it provides the reader with the steps necessary to make any change or improvement in their life. People find that the book is motivational and inspirational as well as fun to read. If read from beginning to end it unwittingly builds self-esteem while guiding reader's trough their life paths. This gentle easy reading hits home for the reader. Anecdotes of dealing with the IRS or how to become a politician come from Amy's own life experience of being an accountant and a candidate. The traumas of being an abused child taken by the state, recovering from multiple brain injuries, marriage, divorce, raising children, changing careers, sibling rivalry, along with guidance from above provide the basis for this writing. The short documents make it a good first book for non-readers as well as people that have difficulty concentrating (our friends with ADD).