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Richard Carvel, Volume 7
ISBN13: 9781414286235
ISBN: 1414286236
List Price: $34.99
Publisher: IndyPublish

At the door of my lodgings I was confronted by Banks, red with indignation and fidgety from uneasiness.'O Lord, Mr. Carvel, what has happened, sir?' he cried. 'Your honour's agent 'as been here since noon. Must I take orders from the likes o' him, sir?'Mr. Dix was indeed in possession of my rooms, lounging in the chair Dolly had chosen, smoking my tobacco. I stared at him from the threshold. Something in my appearance, or force of habit, or both brought him to his feet, and wiped away the smirk from his face. He put down the pipe guiltily. I told him shortly that I had heard the news which he must have got by the packet: and that he should have his money, tho' it took the rest of my life: and the ten per cent I had promised him provided he would not press my Lord Comyn. He hesitated, and drummed on the table. He was the man of business again.'What security am I to have, Mr. Carvel?' he asked.'My word,' I said. 'It has never yet been broken, I thank God, nor my father's before me. And hark ye, Mr. Dix, you shall not be able to say that of Grafton.' Truly I thought the principal and agent were now well matched.'Very good, Mr. Carvel,' he said; 'ten per cent. I shall call with the papers on Monday morning.'