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Survival Cookbook

ISBN13: 9781414105093
ISBN: 1414105096
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $14.99
Publisher: Pleasant Word-A Division of WinePress Publishing
Published Date:
Pages: 152

All U.S. citizens who live abroad crave familiar All-American food-dill pickles, Almond Joy candy bars, ranch dressing, bagels, hamburger buns, German chocolate cake, pizza, pecan pie, and more. Survival Cookbook provides satisfaction for a hundred shameless longings that only Americans understand. And its streamlined cooking methods cut hours off kitchen time when few conveniences are available. This single resource will unlock your favorite recipes in dozens of other cookbooks. Americans abroad will use it daily. Survival Cookbook also has several special sections not found in mainstream cookbooks: . dozens of little-known substitutions . how to mix palatable powdered milk . innovative breakfast recipes . condensed soup recipes . from-scratch recipes for items Americans usually buy, such as graham cracker crust . recipes for cake mixes, biscuit mix, pie crust mix, and hot chocolate mix A great going-away gift for any world traveler, Survival Cookbook is available from any online or brick-and-mortar bookstore.