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Home Curing Of Bacon And Hams

ISBN13: 9781406797558
ISBN: 1406797553
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $25.99
Publisher: Read Country Book
Published Date:
Pages: 72

Originally published in the 1940s, this is a complete guide to the home curing of bacon and ham.Contents Include: Utilisation of the Different Parts of the Pig Body Proportions and Breed Type Priciples of Breeding in Relation to Curing Care and Management in Relation to Curing Slaughter Inspection of Offals and Carcass Methods of Cutting Premises, Equipment, and Utensils for Home Curing Principles of Preservation by Curing A Standard Graduated Cure washing, Maturation, Smoking and Storing Bacteria, Moulds and Pests Preparation and Cooking of Home-cured Meats Local Methods of Curing Judging Home-Cured Bacon and Hams, etc.Keywords: Home Cured Bacon Body Proportions Relation To Cured Meats Moulds Hams Carcass Maturation 1940s Pests Slaughter Bacteria Utensils Premises Pig