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Eighteen Ghost Stories - (1920)

ISBN13: 9781406792409
ISBN: 1406792403
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $10.45
Publisher: Pomona Press
Published Date:
Pages: 384

For many readers ghost stories are excellent light entertainment to which horror adds a pleasurable thrill, some savour them on the palate of the imagination with a connoisseur's appreciation of the writer's skill and subtlety, while to others they bring renewed intuitions of spiritual powers at work in human life, intimations of immortality... All these readers will welcome Mr. Hampdens' new anthology. It is as unhackneyed as it is varied, ranging through every mood from grim terror to a rare and wistful beauty, and it makes fascinating reading, for here are some of the finest ghost stories ever written, by such masters of the craft as Ambrose Bierce, Algernon Blackwood, E.F. Bozman, Ann Bridge, Wilkie Collins, Dickens, Lord Dunsany, W.F. Harvey, Margaret Irwin, M.R. James, Vernon Lee, le Fanu, F.G.Loring, de la Mare, Poe, Scott, H.M. Tomlinson, Sir Hugh Walpole.Keywords: Ghost Stories Sir Hugh Walpole M R James Algernon Blackwood Wilkie Collins Intimations Of Immortality Ambrose Bierce H M Tomlinson Grim Terror Light Entertainment Margaret Irwin Spiritual Powers Welcome Mr Intuitions Savour Subtlety Wistful