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Celebrated Crimes - VII

ISBN13: 9781406780826
ISBN: 1406780820
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $8.95
Publisher: Courthope Press
Published Date:
Pages: 300
Average Goodreads rating: 2.50/5 (1 ratings)

CONTENTS OF VOL VII. PAGE. LA MARQUISE DE BRINVILLIERS 1 VANINKA 107 LA CONSTANTIN . .183 S LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS. VOL. VII. LA MARQUISE DE BRINVILLIERS. After Drawings by Jacques Wagrez. The Marquise de Brinvilliers PoisoningHer Father, M. de Dreux dAubray Fronts. PAGE. The Death of the Chevalier Gaudin de Sainte- Croix 28 The Execution ofthe Marquise de Brinvilliers . .102 VANINKA. After Drawings by Jacques Wagrez. Fedor Romayoff, Concealed in a Chest in Vaninkas Room, Dies of Suffocation 158 Vaninka, After Drugging Ivan and His Companions, Sets Fire to the Red Inn 176 LA CONSTANTIN. After Drawings by Jacques Wagrez. The Due de Vitry Finds the Chevalier de Moranges in the Room of His Inamorata, Angelique- Louise de Guerchi 226 Commander de Jars and Treasurer Jeannin Trapped by Quennebert 238