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The Modern Scottish Minstrel; Or, the Songs of Scotland of the Past Half Century - Volume III (Dodo Press)

ISBN13: 9781406573886
ISBN: 1406573884
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $15.99
Publisher: Dodo Press
Published Date:
Pages: 292

"Men who compare themselves with their nearest neighbours are almost invariably conceited, speak boastingly of themselves, and disrespectfully of others. But if a man extend his survey, if he mingle largely with people whose feelings and opinions have been modified by quite different circumstances, the result is generally beneficial. The very act of accommodating his mind to foreign modes of thought expands his nature; and he becomes more liberal in his sentiments, more charitable in his construction of deeds, and more capable of perceiving real goodness under whatever shape it may present itself. So when a Scotsman criticises Scotch poetry viewed by itself alone, he is apt to be carried away by his patriotism, -he sees only the delightful side of the subject, and he ventures on assertions which flatter himself and his country at the expense of all other nations. "