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Yummy Mummy

ISBN13: 9781401384135
ISBN: 1401384137
List Price: $29.98
Publisher: Hyperion
Published Date:
Average Goodreads rating: 3.39/5 (2 ratings)

Amy has recently given birth to her first child, Evie, but, while utterly besotted with her daughter, she can't quite manage to get her own life back on track. She feels overweight, unattractive and incapable of holding a conversation beyond the lines of breast pumps and feeding times. She wants her figure, her sassiness, her LIFE back. And on top of that, she suspects her partner, Joe, is having an affair. Then her friend Alice decides to give her a makeover. A few weeks later and Amy finds a far more yummy mummy looking back at her in the mirror, but as her confidence grows, so her life becomes increasingly more complicated ...