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Nachtglut (German Edition)

ISBN13: 9781400039623
ISBN: 1400039622
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $27.0
Publisher: New Media German Language
Published Date:
Pages: 512
Average Goodreads rating: 3.88/5

Er kann warten. Er ist schlau. Und er hat grosse Pläne — Rachepläne. Als Carl Herbold aus dem Gefängnis ausbricht, ist sein Ziel das Anwesen der Familie Corbett. Doch dort wird er schon erwartet: von Anna Corbett, einer jungen taubstummen Witwe, die mit allen Mitteln um ihr Zuhause — und ihr Leben kämpft. Und von Jack Sawyer, einem Mann der nicht länger vor seiner Vergangenheit davonlaufen will. Sie sind die einzigen, die Herbolds diabolischen Plan vereiteln können...

Mit diesem raffinierten Psychothriller beweist Sandra Brown erneut, dass sie seit ihrem Bestseller „Die Zeugin“ zu den Spitzenautorinnen spannender Unterhaltung gehört:
„Ein Triumph!“ (People)

Anna Corbett is deaf and mute, but she's not stupid. When the young widow is told by her aging father-in-law, Delray Corbett, that Jack Sawyer has been hired to work their eastern Texas ranch merely as an extra pair of hands, Anna knows that it's really the news of criminal Carl Herbold's recent prison break that has Corbett hiring the tough drifter. Carl Herbold, along with his brother Cecil, swore vengeance against Corbett, their stepfather, for cooperating with the police when the two were convicted of armed robbery. The Herbold boys were also suspected of another crime--the murder of young Patsy McCorkle--but Ezzy Hardge, then sheriff of Blewer County, Texas, never found the proof needed to go to trial. Twenty years have passed, and the McCorkle murder remains a mystery. A man obsessed, Ezzy Hardge continues to search for clues that will convict the Herbolds of the monstrous murder. Soon, Carl and his brother will take their revenge. But Anna and her 5-year-old son, David, are unaware of the degree of viciousness with which the Herbold brothers can strike. Only hired hand Jack Sawyer knows the real danger, and his growing love for Anna and David keeps him close despite the impending onslaught. Yet the longer he remains in Blewer, the more he risks revealing his past--and one particular secret that may destroy his only chance at Anna's love. In “Nachtglut”, Sandra Brown once again flexes her "literary muscle," providing a fast-paced, spine-tingling tale of passion, conspiracy, and stark brutality. It's a story that unfolds through the eyes of diverse, compelling characters, and culminates in a delicious ending you won't expect