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Antoine Sharpe: The Atheist - Incarnate

ISBN13: 9780980147902
ISBN: 0980147905
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $15.99
Publisher: Desperado Publishing
Published Date:
Pages: 112
Average Goodreads rating: 3.68/5 (19 ratings)

When your fears are beyond belief you need a hero beyond believing. Antoine Sharpe is a scalpel on two legs - skeptical, brilliant, ruthless. A special agent with a shadowy department of the U.S. government, Sharpe applies his unconventional intellect to any paranormal threats that arise. His mission: Debunk or destroy. When countless teenagers show signs of otherworldly possession, Sharpe and his partner must not only find the truth, but stop the apparent plague from destroying civilization itself. How far will Sharpe go to save humanity? Farther than you can imagine This trade paperback collects the hard-to-find, critically acclaimed mini-series, featuring the complete first story-arc of comic superstar Phil Hester's enigmatic, intellectual government agent.