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Dementia Nursing: A Guide to Practice (Book With 2 Audio Cd-roms)

ISBN13: 9780975044568
ISBN: 0975044567
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $82.95
Publisher: Ausmed Pubns
Published Date:
Pages: 334
Average Goodreads rating: 3.00/5

Dementia is one of the major health problems of our ageing society. Dementia nursing is one of the most important and highly skilled of nursing specialities. And yet this vital nursing specialty within a field of growing importance is often neglected and undervalued. The breadth and depth of this definitive textbook are impressive, with evidence-based chapters on all major subjects within the field of dementia nursing. The chapters are written primarily by nurses for nurses. But dementia nursing is essentially an exercise in teamwork, and valuable contributions and insights are offered by other health professionals, carers, artists, and relatives from a variety of backgrounds and countries. The result is a comprehensive international volume on all aspects of dementia nursing. Biographical sketches and photographs of all authors are provided, and a comprehensive cross-referenced index ensures easy access to the many topics of interest covered.