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The Dream Art Of Rick Veitch Volume 1: Rabid Eye (The Collected Rare Bit Fiends Ser. Vol. 1)
ISBN13: 9780962486418
ISBN: 0962486418
List Price: $14.95
Publisher: King Hell Press

KING HELL PRESS proudly announces the first paperback Rare Bit Fiends Collected Edition! RABID EYE: THE DREAM ART OF RICK VEITCH concentrates The World's Most overworked cartoonist's chaotically complex uncorking of the collective unconscious in a single crypto autobiographical collection of comics! Downloading this juicy gigabit of the Roarin' one's dream life, as recorded in the first eight issues of RARE BIT FIENDS, takes readers on a multidimensional mind mulching roller coaster ride of panel art after which they'll never think of dreaming (or comics) in quite the same way again! Also included is the absolutely essential UNDERSTANDING RARE BIT FIENDS from Issue 12; an enlightening explanatory trip through the history, science and magic of dreaming as well as Veitch's unique and personal perspective on the nature and importance of the dream function.