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Geriatric Medicine

ISBN13: 9780957798854
ISBN: 0957798857
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $59.95
Publisher: Ausmed Publications
Published Date:
Edition 2
Pages: 116

Foreword Geriatric medicine is an exciting and expanding field of medical activity. Current medical students, trainee nurses and other health professionals belong to the first generation of students to receive formal training in the care of older people. This training will be increasingly important as our population ages and all health professionals in every speciality care for larger numbers of old and 'old old' people.

A text for undergraduates who are still building the framework of their knowledge needs to be easy to read and sufficiently comprehensive to stimulate interest. This book fulfils these requirements. It is user friendly and is relevant as a reference for people from many disciplines.

This second edition has three new chapters, New Models of Service Delivery, Cancer and Palliative Care and Residential Care. The chapters on New Models of Service Delivery and Residential Care are written specifically for Australian and New Zealand professionals. No other text provides this information. Other sections have been revised to include changes in knowledge or practice, so that this text is current for the start of the new century.

This book is a valuable resource for all health professionals commencing the study of geriatric medicine and will assist in training the current generation to provide the highest quality of health care to older people in the future.

The first edition of this book was a popular text with medical students and nurses for several years and I anticipate this second edition will be equally successful.

Barbara Workman Professor of Geriatric Medicine Monash University, Melbourne, Australia